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spumante ororosa

OROROSA Wine Sparkling Rosè Brut Method Charmat

The grapes come from high hillside vineyards situated at 650 m s.l.m. cultivated on land granite weathering. The special micro-climatic conditions of the location and soil characteristics of soils allow to obtain grapes with a high fatty acid profile and aromatic intensity. The training in Gujot and careful agronomic management of the vineyards allow to obtain low yields per vine and per hectare. The harvest. strictly in boxes, it occurs in the cooler hours of the day and immediately ammostate in order to best preserve the varietal aromatic content. The harvest is concentrated between the last week of August and first of September. The must is obtained by gentle pressing of the grapes in such a way as to avoid an excessive extraction of coloring matter and unripe tannins. The following taking 70-day duration of the foams is conducted at a low temperature so as to favor the production of fermentation aromas and the production of a fine and persistent perlage. It follows a slow maturation of 40 days on the lees. D presents a pale pink color with bright reflections peach. The tasting you perceive hints of peach flowers, pink and purple, accompanied by sweet sensations of white fruits. The foam is soft and persistent with a perlage fine and elegant. It 'a versatile sparkling wine, excellent as an aperitif but also suitable to accompany dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine fish.

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