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Rosé wine

Native grape typical of the area

Jannas derives from the vinification of red grapes typical of the area.
The must is obtained by gently pressing whole, unstemmed grapes in a saturated atmosphere with inert gas.
The mashing process allows the extraction of colour to be limited and preserves the intense violet hues typical of this wine.
Fermentation continues for 10-12 days at 15° C. After the first rackings, repeated batonnage on the finest lees takes place in order to increase structure and body.

Microfiltration and bottling using inert gases. Store in a cool place away from light and heat sources.

Luminous rosé with slight violet hues.
On the nose, notes of wild strawberry, raspberry and small red fruits stand out, accompanied by floral hints of rose and violet.
On the palate, the pleasant acidic vein stands out with a dry and persistent finish. The slight carbon dioxide residue increases the wine's savoury and fresh note.

Particularly suitable as an aperitif, but excellent throughout a meal to accompany fish dishes with non-exuberant flavours. Serve at a temperature of 8 - 10 °C.

Vino Dolce Logheri

Vino Dolce Logheri

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