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Wine from over-ripe grapes

Native grapes

Old vineyards with small trees situated in the town of Oliena and cultivated on medium-height hilly sites in granite, medium-mixture soils. The very low returns per stump allow for the perfect maturation of the grapes that are generally harvested – in an obvious state of over-maturation – in the middle 10 days of October.

The grapes selected in the vineyard are transported in small boxes and carefully chosen in the wine cellar to ensure a high level of quality. The small bunches are placed in appropriate racks inside fruit sheds for a period of raisining for approximately 30 days. Raisining takes place gradually thanks to the fresh temperatures in the afternoon and night and the mild winds that blow from the hills and mountains surrounding the wine cellar. The pressed and destemmed grapes are left to ferment for about 20 days at low temperature. Milling and pumping ensure the extraction of the colour and varietal aromas. At the end of the fermentation process, the high alcohol content of the wine, the repeated racking and the sudden drop in temperature helps the spontaneous interruption of the fermentation process and an ideal sugar residual. Refining continues for a few months in small French oak barrels and ends in steel containers.

Micro-filtration and use of inert gas. It is advisable to store the bottles in a cool and dark place.

Red wine with a lively purplish red vein. It is rich and aromatically complex at the nose. The sensors of ripe red fruits combine with particularly spicy and sweet notes. Caramel aromas, walnut hull, vanilla and chocolate accompany marasca cherry and red fruit jam sensations. It is warm and mellow at the palate. The high alcohol content and the obvious sugar residual support the sweet tannin that comes from the refining in barrels.

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%.
Serving temperature: 16-18°C.

Desserts and biscuits from the Sardinian tradition. Custard and dark chocolate. Superb with matured, spicy and blue cheeses.

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